12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 1

Even after so many years of not seeing you, not knowing how you’ve been, I still shiver in delight upon seeing your face when I stalk you on Friendster. It’s the only reason I ever log in there now.

It was March. Finals. I was looking for a place to sit among the other kids cramming for their exam. I found one beside you. You were familiar. In fact, we’d been introduced twice. I had even heard of your name back in high school. Second year high school, to be exact. I had a fleeting thought about you once, but it was gone before I could figure out what it was.

I didn’t think you’d remember me, but you did. You stopped burying your nose in your book for a bit to face me and chat with me. You asked me questions. Yes, I’m your old classmate’s friend. Yes, we’d met before. Three times? I thought it was only twice. Yes, I know her. No, I was not with them that night. No, I don’t usually hang with them. I guess sometimes.. at one of our girl friends’ dorm.

I had been thirsty, but I forgot about it now. I was noticing your eyes. The way you smiled when you talked to me. A few more minutes and you said goodbye to take your exam, along with the other students at the table. I was left alone. And yet, you somehow stayed with me.


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