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November 6, 2010

make mistake number three

"Give The Bitch Her Chocolate" by Ed Polish and Darren Wotz

What amazes me is the fact that it’s the same scene all over again. Just spent hours and hours making love to (apparently) the moon and gone home walking on air with thoughts disorganized and feelings all jumbled up. Then the phone call and sweet nothings.

Suddenly the unexpected flight in the middle of the night. Left hanging with neither a clue nor an assurance statement, I begin to wonder: So how does one stay in a moment that doesn’t last?

I am so tired of the games. At first I thought up all schemes I could think of to get the better of, but then there were too many or were too much of an effort that I got tired just thinking of them. I finally realized that I might be about to make the same mistake–all over again. Like years of fasting and praying never did me any good. It was then that I decided I will no longer suffer the same fate.

I’m way past caring now.

And wasn’t it less than 24 hours ago that “Oops, I did it again…” began playing in my mind? When it comes to this, a bitch can bounce back unscathed–from years of practice–easily.

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