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May 30, 2011

in support of crushing a new breed of sick

Truthfully, I don’t know how new or old this new breed of sick is. I only know that they intend to be crushed. I never even knew that such a thing as crush videos existed. It only came to my attention half an hour ago through GMA 7’s 24 Oras.

Apparently, there is a low-down demand for videos depicting undeniable animal cruelty. The poor creatures are crushed by trampling or sitting, sometimes even hitting. These evil videos are sold to sick people who don’t even deserve to be called animals for a few to a thousand dollars. The news hit Philippine TV because the act itself has arrived on Philippine shores. Young Filipinas are now engaging in the animal cruelty acts.

Cats are cute and cuddly, and not made for crushing.

What enrages me more, aside from the act itself, is that these people would earn their income by hurting poor animals as if they did not have a life of their own. While some of us work hard to earn a decent cent, others are doing so by catering to the sexual gratification of sickos.

In my opinion, the market of these videos could lead to more sickos. Quoting another sicko (albeit fictional), Hannibal Lecter, “we covet what we see.” What would happen if more people get to watch these videos? They might feel repulsed–at first. But later on, something could be triggered. Or those who already have it in them would discover that there is a way for them to be satisfied. Then the market would have grown bigger.

Some calm animals, like cats and dogs, are stress relievers. They are used in therapy by petting, not crushing.

I have my own dirty little secret. When I was a kid, I was furious at being reprimanded. I went out to the back of our house and my kitty started purring on my leg. While that normally calms me down, I just felt irritated. I wanted to be left alone. I kept pushing it away, but the little thing just kept on “pestering” me. In my aggravated agitation, I picked it up and threw it away. In my mind, I knew it would land on its own four paws, unharmed, because I had seen it do so on several occasions when it would jump from the perimeter walls at the sound of dinner. This time, though, it hit the wall. I was mortified. The remorse that came over me made me feel worse than I already did. I felt like the most evil person on earth. I tried to coax it back, but it finally left me alone as I looked on with much regret.

Watching a playful cat is amusing and relaxing. Crush sickos should do this instead.

I still could not get over that memory, especially when I remember how tender and loving my cats were. That’s why it makes me so angry to know that people pay money to see these crush videos–and that there are those who earn from it. This must be stopped. I could not afford to watch any of the videos when I did my research, but I did come upon an organization,, that aims to stop this kind of abuse.

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