need to grow a backbone

To live an deniable number of years partially hidden by a fog of memories must mean a long time. Still, it hasn’t occurred to me to grow one of those sturdy things you have on your back. For example, why couldn’t I say that I didn’t want to? Why can’t I just say that I don’t want to now?

Sometimes, I think I use the indecision to escape eventual blame. But then I always find myself trapped in situations I never really wanted to be in. How the hell or where in the world do you get one those things called a backbone?


2 Comments to “need to grow a backbone”

  1. You get it by going against the grain. You can go against the grain because you already know what will happen if you go with it. it will lead you to familiar territory. In order to grow a backbone, you must first develop a curiosity for the unknown. And at some point let that curiosity take over, consequences be damned. Whenever you feel yourself going into a decision that you would rather defer(indecision) to someone else, do the other thing. Take the road less traveled. You are a grown ass adult. Make your own decisions. Because hey, who is going to tell you otherwise?

  2. Thanks @thinktank101. Going against the grain eh? I suspected that was the problem. When you have a desire to maintain peace and a lovely, unruffled home at all costs, “going against the grain” seems to be the last thing on your to-do list. But I think it’s time I did make a stand. I just hope I stand long enough to say what’s on my mind.

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