on inspiration

After an immobilizing blackout that came unprecedented in spite of the past few weeks’┬ásurprising burst of energy, I suddenly got my inspiration back.

These elusive little things are so hard to come by. Right now, they are in the form of music. I have been researching to write about a prime steakhouse located downtown and I have been motivated to listen to such songs as Downtown, YMCA, and Closing Time. Amazingly, these catchy tunes have inspired me to finish my week-old assingment in barely an hour. As well as got me dancing and jumping up and down, too.

Semisonic's Closing Time, along with Peta Clark's Downtown and Village People's YMCA, jolted me awake from my stupor. My week-old article about a downtown resto is finished in less than an hour.

Yes! We are so back in the game…


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