12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 2

Summer. My favorite season. The best time of the year. I never want it to end. Every time. All the time. But not this time.

I couldn’t wait for school to begin. I wasn’t eager to study nor see any of my classmates. I was only eager to see you again. All day long, I’d wish I would see you again. No one else filled my mind but you. I had to see you again.

First day of school. I had been praying with all my might that I would see you. Then, my heart skipped a beat. I saw you even before my girl friend saw you and your friend walking toward us. My heart was doing 120 and I felt headed for a crash. On the outside, though, I smiled as calmly as I could. The school year was starting right.

Only a few weeks later, I would be seeing more of you. The more I saw you, the more I wanted to know you. Never in my wildest dream did I think that we would be spending precious time together… there. Those days would be etched in my memory forever.


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