manny pacqiao does it again

The Philippines favorite sports hero, Manny “Pacman” Pacqiao, brings home another bacon on May 8, 2011 . This time, the pambansang kamao’s contender was Shane Mosley. Although many fans showed disappointment, the hero nevertheless gets a hero’s welcome. As Manny Pacqiao’s wins add up, so does the fan page grow. Apparently, the boxing champ has accumulated a few more high profile personalities on his list of admirers from this latest victory.

The growing list of Manny Pacqiao fans now include: Survivor’s Jimi Jamison, who sang the popular Rocky theme of “Eye of the Tiger” as Pacqiao’s entrance song; Lee DeWyze, 2010 American Idol winner, who was one of the many who commented on the match’s lack of excitement; teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, who is incidentally having a concert in Manila; and socialite celebrity Paris Hilton, who made an appearance at the Pacman’s press conference. Not surprisingly, the Hilton heiress caused quite a stir.


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