12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 6

We had agreed to go home together yet again and would be meeting each other after class. I was already praying for my class to be over so i could wait for you. Whenever I waited for you, I would worry that you’d forget or change your mind. But you never did.

The first time I hitched a ride with you, my girl friend was with us. This time, it was just you and me. I thought I would throw up from the butterflies in my stomach. The whole ride home I was quiet, too afraid that I would blurt something out that might turn you off.

I kept on stealing glances at you whenever you looked at the side and rear view mirrors. I would discreetly watch the way you held the gear stick. I couldn’t help but imagine that hand on me, holding me.

Suddenly, your hand found mine. I held it firmly to assure you of my love. We held hands and rode in silence, like longtime lovers who were secure in each other’s love.

Most of the time I was looking out the window, but I never saw the passing view. With imaginations like these playing on my mind, who’d even see a thing?


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