12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 7

I could hardly look at you when you talked. I was busy imagining myself on top of you while you drove. Or that we were parked in some empty lot, making out.  When I did look at you, I would find myself watching your neck and thinking about kissing your shoulders. And then there was the fear that you might be able to read minds. That ride home was the most tense I’ve ever had in my life. I felt like a dam about to burst.

Fortunately and unfortunately, it was over. You parked outside my house and I invited you in. You declined, saying you had to get home soon. I was both relieved and disappointed. I didn’t know if I could take another minute with you. I was drowning in not-so-wholesome thoughts of you and it was too much. I wanted to sprint to my front door, but I tried my best to walk like my heart wasn’t having a circus in my chest.

When I closed the door, I screamed silently. I furtively watched you from behind the living room blinds as you backed your car and drove away. As soon as I was sure that you were no closer than a block away, I screamed the house down. The maid came running, alarmed, and watched me jump up and down in amazement.


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