12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 5

I was too thirsty. It was still the season for avocado and my mind had been thinking of going for a shake. When you arrived, though, I couldn’t bring myself to leave for even a minute, in case you got bored and looked for another place to spend your vacant period. So I held off… But after what you just told me, I was parched. I so needed a drink.

You noticed that I was fidgeting and asked me why. I told you I was thirsty, that I wanted to some avocado. You offered to buy me some. I couldn’t bear the thought. Amazing, since I would no sooner jump at the offer had it been any other boy. Had it been anyone else, I would have even gone as far as to ingratiate myself just to get what I want.

But not with you. I couldn’t. You sensed my hesitation, but I’m sure you couldn’t understand why. The canteen was just across the street. It would take less than five minutes. But it would be five minutes without you by my side. You then offered to accompany me. Still hesitant, I agreed.

The whole time I was waiting for my shake, with you behind me, I was silently urging the man behind the counter to hurry up. I was so afraid that you’d get bored and leave me, that you’d see one of the guys and go with him. The years of buying an avocado shake finally came to an end and we went back to¬†our place. My girl friends had already arrived before we left the table. Soon, you had to go to your class. When you were gone, the girls told me how they’d been watching us. They were expecting us to be holding hands when we emerged from the canteen. How I wished.


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