12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 4

We were again at our place, just the two of us. Surprisingly, the people who used to hang out with us during this period were nowhere to be found for many days now. As usual, we were talking animatedly. I would never get tired of laughing at your jokes and listening to you talk. Nor would I ever tire of just looking at you.

The subject turned to lovelife. We both didn’t have anybody nor were we seeing anybody. We talked about our past relationships. You told me about your ex. Lucky girl. I wasn’t overly jealous, but I couldn’t help thinking about how lucky she was to be part of your life. I wished that I would fill in her shoes soon.

Then you asked me the question–innocently enough–that would take my breath away. You told me about how you were into zodiac signs. That you liked reading about personalties and such. You asked me what my zodiac sign was. Libra, I said. You looked surprised. I asked why. You said that among all the zodiac signs, the most compatible pair was Libra and Gemini. Really? I hadn’t heard of that before. Yes, you reiterated. I asked you what your sign was. Gemini.

If I didn’t fall off my chair at that moment, I swear all my insides did. I wanted so much to tell you about how happy I was to hear that. To come from the one guy I liked in all the world that we were compatible was just too much. That our relationship would be blessed by no less than the stars… I hoped the moment would never end.


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