12 years later, you’re still on my mind: 3

For the first two months, you had been my own personal secret. No one else knew how I felt about you, that I even gave you a second look. Our casual meetings were merely coincidences of hello’s made by common friends. No one suspected that those casual meetings were long and fervent prayers of mine.

That first day of our days there, I was between classes. So were you and another guy. We were laughing about stuff and you were doing an impersonation of Johnny Bravo. I had tears of joy in my eyes. Joy, because you were so funny at being Johnny Bravo, who i found that day that we both loved. Also, it was joy because I couldn’t believe that the guy I so admired for his looks would have the trait I so wanted in a man–sense of humor.

I could no longer cover up the giddiness I felt whenever I was with you. Heck, I couldn’t even suppress it when I merely thought of you. Soon, I confessed to my girl friends the secret I’d been hiding since summer. I learned that you were shy around girls. That you were a complete gentleman. That even though you were a heartthrob in high school, you were not obnoxious. I was falling deeper with each revelation.

And then came–the day. The day that would go down in the history of my lovelife. The FTW moment that would remain in me and keep this infatuation alive for more than a decade. I had been putting hearts on my organizer that week. One heart for each day that I saw you and we said hello to each other. Two hearts for the days we went home together. Three very big hearts for that day you brought a car and took me home. It had been perfect. I knew then that you were the one, now and always.


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