the parody of over

I thought I’d change my number just in case he called again. And he had been calling those last two days.

So why did I still keep on checking the old numbers every once in a while? No messages. No calls that just happened to come in. Just my luck. This is what I wanted, wasn’t it?

And then today, I just happened to switch to the old number again, and there it was–a message saying he had been texting and calling me, asking if I’d changed numbers. I neither denied nor confirmed it but responded vaguely by saying that the old sim was broken. He still called me by our term of endearment. I avoided addressing him directly. Yet, there it was. We cut the conversation short, just pleasantries, before we could have any real talk.

He did ask me about last Thursday. He didn’t directly ask, but told me that if I had texted him earlier, he would have come with us, that he was already asleep when our friend texted him at midnight. Again, I responded vaguely by saying that it had been spontaneous. And that our friend must have been drunk to text him. Of course, I didn’t confirm that I was the one who sent the sms at midnight, using our friend’s phone. I knew that’s what he wanted to get out of me.

Fat chance. No way was I giving him that satisfaction.

I had tortured myself too much at the thought of being pathetic enough to contact an ex while under the influence of alcohol, hallucinating that he’d want to get back together. Or at least get together for the night. I had been so sure he’d reply ASAP and ask me to come over. But the idiot had already been snoring. What was I thinking, it was a Thursday night, after all! He didn’t even go out on a Friday night. Not all the time, at least.

I don’t want to think it out loud, but am I not over this guy? Is he not over me? How sad is that? Clearly, it was time to move on, said Megamind just now. Just as I was typing the sentence. The signs do come if we just listen closely. And it couldn’t have come at a better time.

So how do we know when something is really over? We both wanted it, didn’t we? Then why are we still hung up on each other right now? I sure as hell would like to know.

And then it hit me. Other people have been crooning about this kind of thing all the time. Even the cartoons have a point. When it comes to this, a girl realizes that there’s such a thing as the parody of over:

Some things are over before you know it.

Some things are just not over till it’s over.

And then there are some things that just go over and over. Again.


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