i do not make practical decisions nor am i proud of my impulses

…but I do have three new pairs of shoes!

pale gold peeptoes

And I could not be more in heaven right now. It’s not just a shopping high, either, they really look good on my feet, too… So you can go ahead and ask me, “Is this a need or a want?” and I will put it this way:

My old black peeptoes are entirely worn out and beyond use. And they’re a staple that I just can’t do without. I had been thinking of bringing them to the shoesmith or whatever they’re called but I haven’t had the time. Then fate stepped in.

When in the purgatory of letting go and holding on, you come across something like this, better believe it’s fate. You can’t argue with fate, much less go against it. Just embrace the change and allow it to make you happy. You know you want it.

I know I did.

classic black peeptoes

So what if I wasn’t scheduled to buy another pair until next month, as I have just bought a pair the previous week? What would you have done, if you met someone you really liked, say, while on vacation… Would you have let that person go just because you were already seeing someone? Lets say the relationship has seen the best of times and is too pathetic to even mention now.

Okay, bad example.

What I’m trying to say is this. Shoes are to girls what sports is to boys. Shopping for shoes is a form of stress release. Shoes make us look better and give our legs that much needed boost. Physically and emotionally. We hold a fondness for them that the opposite sex simply cannot understand.

brown T-strap sandals

In life, we sometimes confuse our needs with our wants. So how do we know which is which? I say: If it makes you happy, then it’s a want. If it makes you happy without regret, then it’s a need.

On this impulse, I simply have no regrets. After all, a girl cannot be judged for buying impulsively when three gorgeous pairs of shoes are involved.

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