it’s that time of year

all for the little one's Christmas joys

Just been through my own version of the holiday rush. Due to financial constraints, this year’s was curiously smooth-sailing. None of that perplexing shopping dilemma of staying within the list and the alloted budget.

I just picked up some disposable toys (I know they’d be broken in a day or two anyway) for my darling little monster and 3 familiars. I vaguely remember standing in line a few minutes at the ATM and the check out counter at the supermarket, and the next thing I knew I was on my way home.

It helps to choose an out-of-way shopping center, too.

When I got home, I started making some of my signature chicken macaroni salad for tomorrow’s noche buena. It tastes better when it’s been refrigerated overnight because that’s when the flavors come out.

I was told that we’ll be having the traditional family recipe spaghetti and some ham (this year, we got Purefoods, though I still prefer CDO Holiday Ham). My sister-in-law will be making some of her specialty cakes. I hope it’ll be the moist chocolate cake. But any cake will do as long as it has icing; I just love that boiled icing thing!

Only a little after dinner, the little monster turned off the TV while I was watching the news. He positioned himself on the couch, then dozed off! I went on to play some Christmas songs performed by Kenny G while I finished up on my dishes for tomorrow.

When the melodies of The Christmas Song and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas wafted in the air, I was immediately transported in time to previous holidays back at the old house, where the inside is lit only by the Christmas tree. Its gorgeous golden glow never fails to blanket me with a sense of serenity and a calmness that truly feels like all our troubles will be miles away.

It really is that time of year…


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