girlfriends get together

I had made reservations at Red Box Karaoke but it seemed such a waste of good conversation since it was just going to be my girlfriend N and I. We just decided to have lunch instead. She wanted to eat pizza, I wanted some barbecued ribs. There were a lot of choices for us to go to at Ayala Terraces Cebu, if we wanted to have lunch separately.

Fortunately, I knew of a Mexican bar-resto that offered both dishes our palates craved. We went to Mooon Cafe (no, it’s not a typo–there are really three O’s) and pored over the menu for about a week and a half, considering we were famished. I ordered their famous barbecued ribs and, surprisingly, N ordered pork chop. Hmmm. Apparently, tummies can be fickle as well.

Mooon Cafe's Bacon & Mushroom pizza

I asked if she wanted to split a pizza and she did, so we went ahead and ordered a small Bacon and Mushroom. It was amazing that we still had space in our tummies to fit a couple of slices after we consumed our ribs and chops. Couldn’t help it, though. The mozzarella was just heavenly soft. Well, apart from that, nothing else was remarkable. Which goes to show what gluttons we were.

My barbecued ribs were a steal. At P189.00, it comes with rice and a few corns & carrots. I guess it was good enough for me to finish before I even had a chance to take a picture. The iced tea, though, was unlimited at P49.00. I was parched, and had about three refills.

While we were waiting for our orders, I updated N on the status of my love life. I mean, what else was there to do? Girlfriends, after all, meet up to whine and dine.

I told her about the events that led to the demise of my latest love interest. At least, the last one she knew about: four months. And then I told her about the most recent one, my special friend, my love.

In return, N shared the latest developments between her and a US Navy soldier she had been flirting with. My friend is hesitant to continue what might become a relationship, but she really likes the guy. I felt kind of jealous because she was still at the birthing stages of a new love, while I had just buried mine. Oh, the look of a new love–or, at least, a new man in a girl’s life–certainly makes the eyes twinkle and the smile just too radiant.

But then, even when I was mourning one failed relationship, I had also just discovered a new love. That, however, was a dead end street. It was like finally finding out where your crush lived and that’s it, you don’t know where to go from there. Not like you’d have the audacity to knock and ask for him.

Though I did have the audacity to actually do that once, when I was twelve. My crush came out, and I ended up buying a coke from their store. Which, by the way, was several blocks from my own house, which was on a street that probably had about three stores I could easily have bought a coke from. Oh well, the things a tween would do given a bike and the company of her girlfriends.

I fell in love with this little red dress from Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2010 Collection

But back to Mooon. The waiter who took our order gave me the password for their wi-fi; I was going to show N the little red dress I wanted to wear for the Christmas Party I wasn’t going to go to anymore. It was from Valentino Haute Couture Fall 2010 Collection and it was simply love at first sight.

Since there’s no way I’ll be able to get this number for myself, I had planned to have something like it made. N wasn’t able to see it though, because Stargazer would not connect to the internet. I gave up after a few tries.

All around us, the place was packed with college kids having a birthday party and foreign families with Graco carriers and strollers. N asked me if I would drink that early in the day. She gestured towards a beer tower on a table outside, amused at the fact that people would want to be intoxicated so soon.

I told her that only last week, O, Z, and I were at Nuvo from noon till 7 pm. Oh, okay, was her reaction. Come to think of it, it was a common activity back in college. I would have loved to share a couple of margaritas right then, but N had to catch some sleep because she had a shift that started in a few hours.

She thanked me for my Christmas gift: a pen with her name on it, along with a couple of things that to me aptly described my friend, which I had bought at nearby Fully Booked while waiting for her. In return, she picked up the tab for lunch and we parted inside the mall. N went home, but I had a Christmas party to go to somewhere in the hills of Busay.


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