almost over you

4 ways to get over a guy you’ve dated for 4 months in 4 days:

Day 1: Win him back. Or make a feeble attempt to try.

Day 2: Wallow in misery and despair for (almost) love lost. Or pretend to do so. Listen to revoltingly heartbreaking love songs.

Day 3: Waste away and pig out, which may be the best on this list yet.

Day 4: Work out. Or if he’s not worth the effort, then work your ass off. Use the pent up energy to inspire yourself to do something. Like writing a manual on getting over someone or how to give a party.

See, that wasn’t so bad after all. Not only have you rid yourself of negative emotions, you’ve actually been productive.


Author is physically at Day 1 (technically Day 2 because it’s 3 am) but is currently on Day 4 activities. There is no (real) rule. As long as you give yourself all these days for these activities. Fast recovery guaranteed.

DO NOT skip Day 1. Most important of all. Why? Simply because it’s the one that brings closure. The rest are just trimmings. You can skip them but you’ll feel better knowing you didn’t.

And then if you care to–though this isn’t really part of the official exorcism ritual–you may proceed to Days 5 & 6. But tread carefully and at your own risk.

Day 5: Contact (text or chat) the guy you left for him.

Day 6: Sleep with someone you care about. You’ll surely fall in love with him and forget the guy you were mourning–fast.


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