like where to go now?

Looks like life is a series of failures after all. We fail in everything we do, even when we succeed. The road that leads us to where we need to go is filled with detours and false signs. It’s like taking a very long trip; you begin not knowing anything. Then you finally realize what you need to do and where you want to go.

but how to go from here to there?

As you go along every day, you begin to think that the mountain you’ve chosen to climb looks too steep to conquer. So you go another way, you think maybe, what if, there’s an easier way… You start taking those detours until finally you end up farther away from where you first began. You lose hope, and realizing that you’ve gone way off course, you decide to just stay on and follow the path you’ve taken wherever it leads you. Even when you have no clue what you’ve gotten yourself into.

But then out of the blue, you find yourself unfulfilled and longing for that which that makes you happy. Just when you feel that you’ve almost arrived at your new destiny, you suddenly pack up and go back to where your heart truly belongs. Only this time, the journey is so much longer. That’s when you fill yourself with regrets. You stop and think if it might be such a good idea to turn back. After all, you can always move forward. You might not be happy, but certainly you’ll learn to be.

the heart yearns for more

But no matter how hard you try, no matter how much the mind can learn, there will always be things that you cannot teach your heart. And that is to tell it to be happy where it cannot be.

The thing about failure is that when you are no longer happy with what you are doing, it is sure to follow. It’s got a keen nose for depression, anxiety, and most of all, the kind of heart break that only comes with a deep longing unfulfilled.  Failed subjects, failed marriages, failed careers, failed businesses… they all happen when you are not happy where you are.


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